Growing a bonsai is an art, as these little ones are much more than a tree. This special form of cultivation requires patience, passion and above all, love of nature. With our bonsai courses, you can get started in this world or improve your technique to achieve beautiful compositions. At Bonsai Pavia we offer the tools and knowledge necessary for you to fully immerse yourself in this discipline. In our school, which opened in January 2009 with a workshop taught by Mario Komsta, in El Rebolledo (Alicante), our teachers provides mentoring and personal advise to students to help them in their learning process.

Attending a workshop is the best way to know in depth the art of bonsai. Growing these kind of trees can give distrust, because of the “I already had one and I died” approach. We guide our students to lose their fears and that with the right information may unfold rapidly in good techniques and enjoy the process. Also learning the transplant, pruning, wiring, pinching and other methods is a rewarding, relaxing and entertaining experience.

In our school, we teach introductory courses for new students. Usually start in September and last until December. They consist of ten sessions of two hours each, held on Saturday mornings. New students can be incorporated at any time. A second edition is usually carried out from February to May. In this introductory course, all aspects of bonsai will be addressed: beware, irrigation, fertilization, situation, pruning and pinching, training and so on. The price to be paid in two instalments, including a bonsai, which they will work on during the course and that will each student property.

Bonsai Pavia also organises a basic course which takes place during weekends. This kind of course consists of 8 hours of class, two hours on Saturday morning and 3 hours in the afternoon, and the remaining three hours on Sunday morning. The course provides the fundamental topics in a more condensed form.

For more advanced courses, we have a training course bonsai mainly focused on design work, training or remodelling of any type of bonsai: coniferous, deciduous, etc. of all levels. More specific and more in-depth topics such as advanced transplants or risk, Majorcan wild olive tree training, advanced techniques, etc. are also discussed. This course / tutoring be 2 hours on Wednesday from 18.00 to 20.00 h, and / or on Saturdays from 10.00 to 12.00 h. It is an individual or very small groups (never more than 4 persons) course. Each person can bring his/her own bonsai and working on it, although you can also do work with trees nursery.

If you are interested in enrolling in any of these courses, or any other time you need ... just contact us.

Don’t wait and get into this fascinating world of bonsai in the hands of one of the most skilled professionals in the field.

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